Price land for sale and to build in France

Inevitably, the price of a land varies greatly depending on its location and some land by the sea or in the city center is very expensive compared to others a little distant. However, there are also regional specificities and reasoning at average cost is therefore not stupid. We therefore offer you a  list of the average price of building land sold in France in 2018 , region by region:


RegionAverage surfaceAverage priceAverage price per m2
Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes1029 m297,900                  95
Bourgogne-Franche-Comté1213 m257,000                  47
Brittany703 m261,200                  87
Loire Valley Center1007 m258,900                  58
Corsica1205 m2102,700                  85
Great East890 m275,600                  85
Hauts-de-France867 m266,900                  77
Ile-de-France632 m2144,000                228
Normandy1032 m258,700                  57
New Aquitaine1125 m272,200                  64
Occitanie1008 m283,900                  83
Pays de la Loire698 m265,200                  93
PACA1004 m2150,500                150


Buying land in Ile de France will cost you almost 4 times more than in New Aquitaine.

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